How To Protect Your Home From Wildfires

From the hurricanes that devastated Houston and the Caribbean, to the monsoons that killed more than 1,000 in southeast Asia, 2017 has certainly been a year of extreme weather. Even within an extreme year, wildfires in 2017 have been particularly devastating to the United States. Regarding the 2017 wildfire year, the Insurance Information Institute has. . .

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The Importance of Snow Retention on Metal Roofs

It is important to realize the importance of snow retention on any sloped roof. In particular, metal roofs are extremely susceptible to problems with accumulating snow. When supporting a layer of snow, the panels of a metal roof may increase in temperature due to heat from the home’s attic. In turn, this can cause a. . .

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Why You Should Choose a Metal Roof

The use of copper in architecture has been dated all the way back to ancient Egypt, where the doors of the temple Amen-Re at Karnak featured a copper cladding. One of the first utilizations of copper in metal roofing is attributed to the Loha Maha Paya temple in Sri Lanka. Built in the third century,. . .

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The Vail Metal Shingle™ Difference

The Vail Metal shingle™ was designed to withstand the harsh and wildly varying climate of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. As word of its impeccable performance spread, the system was soon installed in mountain communities across the United States. The Vail Metal shingle system is now featured on homes all throughout the country. From sub-zero temperatures and. . .

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Come See us at MetalCon 2018!

Visit us at Booth 1543 to preview our product samples and color swatches and talk with one of our experts about your project. We hope to see you there! Click here for more details!

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