Principio Metal Systems manufactures two separate lines of finishes of Vail Metal Shingle™ products – Natural Metal or Painted Metal. While the appearance of these two product lines may be vastly different, the overall construction and durability of both lines remains the same.

Natural Metal Finishes

Unrivaled in their endurance and longevity, copper and zinc have been established as the premier roofing metals. For hundreds of years, they have been able to withstand nature’s most rugged tests while adding a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Principio Metal Systems combines the innate durability of copper and zinc with a patented shingle engineered to withstand the world’s most extreme conditions. Fabricated from a 16-ounce solid copper coil, our proprietary manufacturing process features a series of folds in the metal. This action adds depth and dimension to each panel, providing it with strength that could not be met by simply stamping the metal.

Due in part, to the longevity of the system, owners are able to watch the progression of a beautiful and dynamic patina on copper and zinc shingles.

Copper and zinc roofing adds value to a home and peace of mind to the owner. While the initial costs of the roof may be more than traditional “low-cost” roofing products, over the course of a 100-year limited warranty, homeowners have reported saving money in the long term by avoiding costly re-roofings and frequent roof maintenance.

Painted Finishes

The Vail Metal Shingle is offered in heavy gauge Galvalume® coated in Kynar500® resin. This gives homeowners more opportunities for creativity and style on their roof while maintaining the durability that only Kynar500® can offer.

Metal roofing is an increasingly popular upgrade for homeowners looking to make cost-effective upgrades on their homes. Making the switch from traditional roofs to metal roofs can save money in many ways.

Traditional roofs often require frequent maintenance and repairs. Particularly in areas that experience dramatic climates, roofs regularly need to be replaced every few decades. Alternatively, metal roofs require almost no maintenance over the course of their extended lifespan.

In addition to the low cost of maintenance, the physical properties of metal can help homeowners save in other ways. Homeowners have reported substantial savings on their monthly energy bills, increased discounts from insurance companies, and the recouping of much of the roof’s cost when selling the house.

View our pallet of finishes and colors below to start your journey toward a new metal shingle roof!

PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to keep our colors and product offerings current; however, all finishes are subject to manufacturer availability and pricing.



Natural Metal Shingles

Bare Galvalume
Graphite Zinc
Natural Copper
Natural Zinc
Slate Zinc

Painted Metal Shingles - Premium Colors

Metallic Copper
Preweathered Galvalume

Painted Metal Shingles - Standard Colors

Charcoal Gray
Colonial Red
Dark Bronze
Forest Green
Hartford Green
Mansard Brown
Matte Black
Medium Bronze
Regal White
Slate Blue
Slate Gray

Quick-Ship Colors

Charcoal Gray
Matte Black
Medium Bronze
Natural Copper
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