Heritage Metal Systems is Now “Principio Metal Systems”


Established in 2018, Heritage Metal Systems took root to become a fast-growing manufacturer of premium metal roofing & siding systems. With an experienced team of seasoned professionals, we have been providing structural solutions for homeowners and businesses throughout the western USA.

Part of our commitment to our customers is honesty and transparency in how we do business, and it is what sets us apart from our competition. During this past year, we learned the Heritage Metal Systems name may cause potential confusion in the marketplace. So after some research and deliberation, we have rebranded the company as “Principio Metal Systems” to help maintain a clear brand presence for our customers.

What is “Principio”? The Principio name has an important place in our company’s history. In the late 1960’s, our founder, Robert Stewart, purchased a large tract of land in Cecil County, MD. A portion of this land was the early home of the Principio Iron Works, founded in 1719. (The Principio Iron Works was one of the first and most successful blast furnaces in the USA, and a supplier of pig iron to the developing colonies.) This Principio property provided space to fuel the growth of the Stewart Companies mining operations, one of the largest in Maryland. It is with this nod to our past and the successful growth of the Principio property, that we look to the future as Principio Metal Systems.

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